What is the size of a 15 inch woofer speaker with a tweeter

Jul. 23, 2023

The sound quality of the audio system depends not only on the sound of the speaker unit, but also on the coordination between the speakers. If the combination is not good, even a good speaker cannot produce the desired sound quality. What size of high pitched speaker does it need to be equipped with, like the 15 inch bass speaker that we usually use the most?


The combination of woofers and tweeters is basically based on the same type of speaker, including ferrite woofers and ferrite tweeters, neodymium magnetic woofers and neodymium magnetic tweeters. Therefore, if the 15 inch bass speaker is a neodymium magnetic speaker, it should be paired with a neodymium magnetic tweeter, with ferrite and ferrite. The manufacturer of Meirui speakers recommends that the 15 inch bass speaker be paired with a 75 core tweeter, and the power should be matched according to the actual situation. For example, the 15 inch woofer unit produced by Meirui speaker manufacturer, model MR15H80A. This speaker is paired with a 75 core tweeter, model MR75-9. The sound system made by this combination can be suitable for large conferences, bars, cinemas, stages and other places, and can better utilize the performance of speaker speakers, with a rich, pure and beautiful sound.


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