What's in the loudspeaker?

Aug. 11, 2022

Are you curious why the audio speaker horn can produce sound? What's inside the speaker horn? Merry audio speaker editor will take you to find out!

What's in the loudspeaker?cid=4

The loudspeaker horn is mainly composed of three systems, the magnetic circuit system, the vibration system, and the supporting auxiliary system, which each play their own role to ensure the stable operation of the loudspeaker horn. The speaker voice coil, the drive unit of the speaker speaker, is fixed with the paper cone. After the sound current signal enters the voice coil, the voice coil drives the paper cone to vibrate. The speaker cone, the radiating device of the speaker's sound, determines the sound reproduction performance of the speaker.

What's in the loudspeaker?cid=4

The horn bounces to ensure that the voice coil moves along the axial direction of the horn, restricting the lateral movement, and at the same time limiting the axial movement distance of the voice coil. The speaker magnet, the power source of the speaker horn, forms a magnetic field in the speaker, which makes the voice coil move, thereby producing sound. Let's take a look at the speaker structure picture of the Merry audio speaker manufacturer, and you will see it at a glance.

What's in the loudspeaker?cid=4

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