Is the speaker generated by electricity or magnetism

Jul. 17, 2023

The working principle of speaker speakers is very familiar to everyone. As long as a constantly changing current is applied to the sound coil, it moves back and forth in a fixed position, thereby pushing the sound cone to produce sound. So is the speaker generated by electricity or magnetism? The speaker manufacturer will let you know.


What is electricity generated magnetism and what is magnetism generated electricity? Electricity generates magnetism, and there is a magnetic field around an energized conductor, which can be used to determine the direction of the magnetic field and the relationship between the current. Magnetism generates electricity, and when a part of a conductor in a closed circuit cuts through a magnetic induction line, an electric current is generated on the conductor. The working principle of a speaker is very similar to that of an electrogenerated magnet. When the voice coil of the speaker is connected to an audio current, the voice coil generates an alternating magnetic field. Under the action of the same polarity repelling and the opposite polarity attracting, the voice coil of the speaker is repelled and attracted by the magnetic field lines to produce vibration and produce sound.


Therefore, the sound quality of the speaker is largely determined by the materials used. Merry Audio is a speaker manufacturer that has been focusing on R&D and customized production of speaker speakers for 18 years. It has a complete supply chain system, striving for excellence from raw materials to finished products. The speaker has stable quality and good consistency, which is widely favored by domestic and foreign customers. If you need to customize or purchase speaker speakers, please feel free to contact Merry Audio.

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