The difference between internal and external magnetic horn speakers

Jul. 19, 2023

Both the internal magnetic speaker and the external magnetic speaker belong to the electric paper basin type speaker. Its application range varies, and internal magnetic speaker speakers are generally used in computers and televisions because there is no external stray magnetic field, their size is small, and their weight is light. External magnetic speaker is generally used in speakers because of its large size and relatively cheap price. But how do we distinguish between internal and external magnetic speaker speakers?


Internal magnetic speaker, the speaker magnet is wrapped inside the casing, making it difficult to see the inner magnet from the outside. In the same size, the internal magnetic speaker is small and relatively flat, and the bottom does not attract iron objects. Its main characteristics are small interference, small amount of magnetic material, short magnetic circuit, light weight, and less prone to magnetic leakage, but it is difficult to have a strong magnetic field and low sensitivity.


The external magnetic speaker is the opposite of the internal magnetic speaker. It is easy to see a circle of black magnets sandwiched between T iron and Huasi outside, which is relatively large in size and easy to attract iron objects. Its characteristics include being easily disturbed, using a large number of materials, being relatively heavy, and having high sensitivity.


Most professional audio equipment uses external magnetic speakers, which have a high sound pressure level and high sensitivity. Entertainment KTV speaker , bar speaker , conference speaker speakers, and high-power outdoor performance speaker produced by Merry Audio speaker manufacturers all use external magnetic speaker . The speaker has stable quality, long service life, and good consistency. If you happen to need this type of speaker, please feel free to consult and contact us.

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